19.0 Player Movement, Rules and Regulations, ALLIANCE Manual of Operations (Minor Hockey Alliance of Ontario)

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.1       A player shall be eligible to try out for, and if qualified by their home association's  rules, regulations, policies and ability, etc. may sign and play for a team in the next higher age division or subdivision.


Example: A U14 player may be eligible to try out and sign with either the U15 team or the U18 team.


.2       U18 and U21 players in ALLIANCE towns may, in their own community move up to play Junior hockey without losing their right to play in the Minor Hockey, provided that both parties follow the Hockey Canada Development ModelPermanent Affiliation is no longer permitted to Junior Hockey. Where playing dates conflict, the Minor team has priority to the player's services. The Junior management must present the player's Minor certificate to the referees each game they use the player as proof the minor management agrees to the participation of the player in the Junior game.


.3       To be eligible for ALLIANCE playoffs, whether group or ALLIANCE championship, a player who is playing for a higher classification team than the team he/she is carded to must have played in a minimum of fifty percent (50%) of the group regular season games played by his/her lower classification team after he/she has signed with the lower classification team.


.4       Where there are both U21 and U18 teams and a player is playing in both series he/she may not move up and play Junior.


.5       There is no affiliation for House League teams with the exception of one (1) goaltender from a team of a lower league division except in the U18 / U21 Division. A U21 aged goalie may be used in the U18 / U21 Division providing he/she isn’t a member of the select team.