41.0 Under-14 to Under-16 AAA Freedom of Movement Pilot Project, Rules and Regulations, ALLIANCE Manual of Operations (Minor Hockey Alliance of Ontario)

Print41.0 Under-14 to Under-16 AAA Freedom of Movement Pilot Project


.1     Participants must try-out in the Centre or Zone to which they reside and will not be granted a release upon request. Woolwich and Center Wellington participants are shared with the Waterloo and Guelph Zones and must try-out in both prior to being eligible for the ALLIANCE Hockey Freedom of Movement Pilot Project. All Zone AAA try-outs require a permission to skate from a Zone participants Home Centre.  All participants must try-out and be released in accordance with each Member Association Centre/Zone Try-out Policy.  The only release applicable for movement within ALLIANCE AAA Hockey Competition is an OHF AAA Hockey Waiver.  Once released and in possession of an OHF AAA Waiver an ALLIANCE Hockey participant may try-out with any one of the other ALLIANCE Hockey Centre or Zone Member Associations. The OHF AAA Waiver must be presented prior to a try-out.  If a participant does not have an OHF AAA Waiver they are not permitted to try-out. Member Association Centre/Zone policies re the number of import players who are eligible to play for their teams will still apply.

All teams in the pilot (U14-U16) will be required to complete their Declaration of Intent to Play Form by the second Friday of the tryouts. Any player not on their home centre/zone Intent to play form will then become a “free agent” within the ALLIANCE.   The final two days will allow teams to consider these free agents for their final roster spots.

Note:  Players who are released from their home centre/zone who choose to go to a team outside of ALLIANCE Hockey will be required to obtain waivers as per previous practice.