27.0 Under-12 to Under-16 AAA Player Movement, Policies, ALLIANCE Manual of Operations (Minor Hockey Alliance of Ontario)

Print27.0 Under-12 to Under-16 AAA Player Movement
27.0  U12 to U16 AAA Player Movement

1. Participants must tryout in the Centre or Zone to which they reside and will not be granted a release upon request. All Zone AAA tryouts require a permission to skate from a Zone participant's Home Centre. 

2. All participants must tryout and be released in accordance with each Member Association Centre/Zone Tryout Policy. 

3. All participants the Association wishes to sign, must be offered a roster spot by 11:59pm on the fourth day, failing which, they must be provided an F1 Form Waiver upon request.

4. The only release applicable for movement within ALLIANCE AAA Hockey Competition is an OHF AAA Hockey Waiver. If a participant does not have an OHF AAA Waiver they are not permitted to tryout. The OHF AAA Waiver is maintained by the participant throughout the tryout process. Prior to trying out, the Waiver must be presented to the Association. If successful, the participant must submit the Waiver to the Association.

5. A AAA participant U14 or above playing on an OHF F1 waiver has the option to remain with the team they participated with in the previous season or to return to their Home Centre for tryouts. If the participant is released from the tryout with either one of these two teams the participant is then able to tryout with any other ALLIANCE team with his OHF F1 Waiver.

6. Once released and in possession of an OHF AAA Waiver, an ALLIANCE Hockey participant may tryout with any of the other ALLIANCE Hockey Centres or Zone Member Associations.

7. Member Association Centre/Zone policies regarding the number of import players who are eligible to play for their teams will still apply.