30.0 Body Checking Clinic Policy, Policies, ALLIANCE Manual of Operations (Minor Hockey Alliance of Ontario)

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30.0 ALLIANCE Hockey Body Checking Policy

At the 2013 Hockey Canada AGM a decision was made to eliminate Body Checking at the U13 division and introduce it at the U14 divisions of MD - now BB-B, A, AA, and AAA hockey. Along with the research and medical evidence relating to body checking, part of the rationale for this decision was based on the need to better prepare participants for body contact and eventually body checking as they progress through minor hockey and into the U14 and above divisions.

Checking is a critical skill in the game of hockey that when performed properly can create quality scoring opportunities or help a team regain control of the puck. Just like skating, puck control, passing and shooting there are key progressions to the skill of checking when taught effectively and can greatly enhance a player's enjoyment of the great game of hockey.

A common misconception is that the skill of checking begins at a certain age or age category of play. In fact, checking is a 4-step progression that begins the first time a young player steps on the ice. Body checking is the fourth and final step of a four-step teaching progression.


Step 4.  Body Checking
Step 3.  Contact Confidence and Body Contact
Step 2.  Stick Checks
Step 1.  Positioning and Angling

It is the expectation of ALLIANCE Hockey that AAA, Seeded (AA-A) and BB-B Coaches working with U9 through U13 teams incorporate the first three phases of Checking into their practices. The Teaching Checking manuals are provided at all clinics and are also available on the Hockey Canada website.

Clinic Hosting

PART 1 - Mandatory Body Checking Clinic (Step 4. - Body Checking)
All participants wishing to play in a League in their U14 season where body checking is permitted must complete a Body Checking Clinic prior to the start of their U14 evaluations.

PART 2 - Mandatory Body Checking Subsequent Clinic
During their U14 season, all participants (competing in a League where body checking is permitted) must complete a subsequent body checking clinic with their current team by December 1st of the current season. This clinic will provide review and further instruction for those participants who took an initial clinic prior to tryouts and must include all affiliated players associated with that team.

The responsibility to host these clinics rests with the Member Associations. (The subsequent clinics are not eligible for ALLIANCE Hockey subsidy)

Associations may host team body checking clinics in-house, i.e. using their own approved Instructors, or Associations may book team body checking clinics through the ALLIANCE Hockey Office.

Associations must complete and submit a report with the team body checking clinic information and registrant list within two (2) weeks of hosting the clinic(s). Please use the chart below to submit your list of clinics and attach a separate registrant list. Please ensure that the registrant list includes at minimum, the registrants full name and date of birth.

ALLIANCE Hockey Associations are required to submit their body checking clinic applications for those clinics that are to
be hosted prior to Spring evaluations and require Facilitators who are secured by ALLIANCE Hockey a minimum of 14 days
in advance of the clinic.


Body Checking Clinic Requirements:
· 75 minutes class time
· 90 minutes ice time
· All participants are required to wear full equipment on-ice
· Goaltenders are included and are required to wear full equipment on-ice
· Coaches must participate in the classroom and on-ice sessions, CSA approved helmets are required for the on-ice sessions

Host Requirements and Information:
· Host Association responsible to book the facility and ice
· Host Association responsible to submit clinic application within required timeframe
· Host Association responsible for covering all expenses incurred i.e. facility fee, etc.
· Host Association is responsible for administration at clinic
· Host Association is responsible for the room set up, including:
· Table & Chairs for Facilitators
· Table for projector and computer
· Screen or white wall
· Chairs for all players and coaches
· Host Association to provide a list of all participants (names and birth dates) following completion of the clinic to Tyler Tolton ([email protected]) in the ALLIANCE Hockey Office

ALLIANCE Hockey is responsible for:
· ALLIANCE Hockey will provide confirmation to the clinic coordinator of the clinic(s) and set up Facilitators
· Booking and reimbursing the clinic Facilitator will be completed by ALLIANCE Hockey
· Updating all player’s profile that have completed the required clinic.

Clinic Subsidization
ALLIANCE Hockey will provide subsidization where possible for Team Body Checking Clinics as outlined below.

ALLIANCE Hockey Clinic Subsidization for Mandatory Team Body Checking Clinics:
· ALLIANCE Hockey will provide a subsidization for all mandatory Team Body Checking Clinics (i.e. clinics for all current season U14 AAA, Seeded(AA-A), BB-B eligible players and coaches hosted prior to evaluations).

· Subsidization will only be provided to those Associations who complete and submit their report and clinic participant lists to the ALLIANCE Hockey Office by the deadline of December 1st of the current season.

· Subsidization will be based on a percentage of allocated funds set aside by ALLIANCE Hockey and divided amongst all Associations who submit reports by the required deadline. Subsidization will be provided for ice time and facility rental
costs only.

· When applying for subsidization, copies of the ice rental, facility rental receipts and the registrant list must accompany the
report form.